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one and Three Discs (after Kosuth)

breath's imprint


TIME MACHINE (2013) - HD Video, shelf and polyurethane mesh.  Black and white, silent

Facial work-out exercises performed in close-up.


The work showed as part of solo shows "Outside the Box", at Studio 21, Kolkata, June 2015 and "Studies in [E]motion and Time" at Bridge Art Space, Bangkok in March 2020;  in a retrospective of his video work at the Little Cinema International Film Festival, Theatre for Experiments in New Technologies, Kolkata December 2017; and in group shows 'The Hand that Feeds' group show, One Cube or Two, Glasgow; Simply Beaming, HOPE, Engaru, Hokkaido, Japan, June 2018; and the Royal Scottish Academy Annual April-June 2021.   Thanks to Jamie Hare and Keith Bird - technical staff at UWS Ayr, where this project was shot.  Duration: 7 mins 19 seconds, looped.


Watch Time Machine on Vimeo.


the loop (by wendy mcmurdo & paul holmes

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