gastric tones

storm piece

ballygunge phari

outside the box

memory's journey

time machine

these measures

are for your protection

the persistence of vision

the loop (by wendy mcmurdo & paul holmes


one and Three Discs (after Kosuth)

breath's imprint


A series of stress positions performed in a photobooth.


Shown as part of solo shows "Outside the Box", at Studio 21, Kolkata, June 2015 and "Studies in [E]motion and Time" at Bridge Art Space, Bangkok in March 2020; and in a retrospective of his video work at the Little Cinema International Film Festival, Theatre  for Experiments in New Technologies, Kolkata December 2017.  Duration: 2 min 22 secs, looped.


Watch These Measures are for Your Protection on Vimeo.

THESE MEASURES ARE FOR YOUR PROTECTION (2015) - HD Video, colour, sound 

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