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THE PERSISTENCE OF VISION (2014) - Silent, monochrome text animation

An unmade film unfolds in script form.


The work screened in the Ayrshire Open Studios in April 2014;  as part of "Outside the Box', Paul Holmes's solo show, at Studio 21, Kolkata, June 2015; at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow in December 2016; in a retrospective of his video work at the Little Cinema International Film Festival, Theatre for Experiments in New Technologies, Kolkata December 2017; and at at the Uig Open Exhibition, Hulabhaig, Timsgarry, December 2021 - February 2022.  In English and Scots Gaelic.  Translation by Patsi MacKenzie.  Duration: 20 min 35 secs, looped.


Watch The Persistence of Vision on Vimeo.



the persistence of vision

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the loop (by wendy mcmurdo & paul holmes

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