THE LOOP (2009) - By Wendy McMurdo and Paul Holmes.  Two channel HD Video. Colour, silent

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A young girl on the right-hand screen appears to control the movements of a world-class skater, some years older than her, on the left-hand one.


 In 2009, the film was screened at ffotogallery and at Inspace in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.  In 2013 it was shown at Tin Shed  at Goldsmiths College, and at the Night Contact Festival in London.  The work showed most recently at Street Level Gallery Glasgow in Wendy McMurdo's retrospective exhibition "Digital Play", itself part of "Generation", the national celebration of a quarter of a century of contemporary art in Scotland.  The work was made as part of McMurdo's Skater project for Ffotogallery in Cardiff. It was commissioned by ffotogallery and Alt-W, with the support of Scottish Screen and the Scottish Arts Council.   Duration: 5 mins 0 secs, looped.  Cinematography: Ian Dodds.  Editing: Ling Lee.  Images copyright Wendy McMurdo and Paul Holmes.


Watch 'The Loop' on Vimeo. Please email for a password.



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