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MEMORY'S JOURNEY (2014) - Two channel voice recording, outdoor speakers, wind-up stands

"Auld Land Syne" by Robert Burns and "Purano Sei Diner Kotha" by Rabndranath Tagore reduced to pure sung notes and played in sync.


The work was commissioned by and showed at the Burns Festival at the Old Feed Store in Belleisle Park, Ayr in May 2014.  Developed in association with the University of the West of Scotland, Ayr, and the support of the Scottish Centre of Tagore Studies (SCoTS) and Centre for Media and Culture at Edinburgh Napier University.   Vocal consultant: Taylor Wilson.  Vocalists: Taylor Wilson, Payal Debroy, Andy Fraser, Soumya Dutta Roy.  Grateful thanks to Keith Bird and May Mayberry, respectively, for their technical and graphics input.   Duration: 19 mins, looped.  Male and female versions.


Watch a documentation video of the installation here.



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